Become an OSA Member

Oregon Sports Angels is a member-based angel investor organization. We’re a diverse team of sports industry/business professionals and investors and operate as a network, with members in Oregon and other states. We’re always looking for accredited investors of all identities, race, age, gender and sexual orientation to join us.

Membership Benefits

Screen as a team. Invest as an individual. Build the future of sports.


Access to early-stage sports and sports tech companies vetted by our Investment Team.


Join a diverse group of sports industry professionals, investors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building next gen sports leaders / businesses.


Leverage the network for diligence but invest based on your own preferences.

4. Ongoing Investment Training and Education:

Self-paced learning through affiliate resources and hands on experience through committee work.

5. Opportunity to give back / Pay it forward

Coach, mentor, influence and create networking opportunities for next gen sports startups.

Membership Criteria


  • Must be an Accredited Investor
  • Passion for working with Startups
  • Passion for Sports. Love of the Game.

Preferred Experience

  • Sports/Sports Tech Industry Experience (10 year minimum)
  • Founder/Entrepreneur Experience
  • Early Stage Investor Experience

Expectations & Membership Dues


  • Commit to Invest $25k/year minimum
  • Attendance at quarterly pitch meetings held remote and / or in person (Portland, Oregon), pending COVID restrictions
  • Active Participation in Deal Screenings, Evaluations and Mentoring sessions
  • Commitment to engage in at least one committee and / or working group
  • Adherence to Oregon Sports Angels’ code of conduct & conflict of interest rules

Membership Dues

OSA is a non-profit organization designed to bring Founders and Investors together.
We accept members from any of the 50 States of America.
2022 annual membership dues:

  • $1,250 for one investor
  • $1,500 for two investors in the same household (spouses/life partners)

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